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Heardle 80s

Heardle 80s is inspired by the famous song-guessing game Heardle but narrowed to the music of the 1980s. The game is for those who love classical music and want to test their knowledge.

Your challenge in the game is to identify a song from the 80s by listening to a short track and guessing the song title. You enter your guess and pick the appropriate song from the suggested list. You have six tries in total to find the answer. With each wrong guess, you are given an extra piece of the song.

The game requires you to have a good knowledge of 80s songs because you can come across any genre or any artist.

How to Play Heardle 80s

If you are confident in your knowledge of 80s music, playing Heardle 80s is a piece of cake with the following simple steps:

  1. Click Play to start the game.
  2. Play the track and listen carefully. 
  3. Enter your guess in the box at the bottom. There will be song titles with matching words appearing as you type; select the song from there to make sure the song title is valid.
  4. Click Submit to send your answer.

A green check mark will appear for the correct answer

A red X will appear for the incorrect answer.

  1. Click Skip if you have no idea about the song. Each skip or each wrong answer, an additional part of the song is revealed.
  2. Keep guessing until you find the final answer.

The game ends, and the song title is disclosed when you have used up all six tries.

Tips and Tricks 

If your memory of 80s songs is not good, it will be quite difficult to conquer the game in a short time. However, there are some useful tips that you can learn to win Heardle 80s as follows:

Find clues in the melody

The melody is the key to solving the hidden song. In case you have no idea about the answer, why don't you use the melody to guess what genre the song is, what instrument it's playing with, or anything special. Moreover, in some cases, you can hear part of the lyrics, which is a great chance for you to find the song right away.

Ask your friends

There is no rule that requires you not to ask others for support in Heardle 80s. Your chance to win the game will be much higher if you play it with your friends. It is possible that your friend can figure it out quickly while you're still confused. 

Skip for a longer part of the song

In Heardle 80s, each time you skip or make a wrong guess, there will be an extra part of the song revealed. In order to have more information about the song, you can click Skip. You are not required to make a guess for each attempt, so this can be done easily. 

Listen to more the 80's music

If your knowledge of 80s songs is good enough, nothing will be difficult for you. You can solve the puzzle by your own knowledge without depending on any trick. Additionally, listening to music is also a way of relaxing; you will not feel like it is a task. 


Q: What is Heardle 80s?

A: Heardle 80s is a music-guessing game featuring the music of the 80s. It challenges you to identify 80s songs by listening to a short clip and giving out the song title. You can play Heardle 80s online for free on our website. 

Q: How do I use hints and skip songs?

A: You can use the skip if you are stuck. For each skip, an additional song section is revealed. This gives you more information about the song. The SKIP button can be used as a support in the game when you have no idea about the song. 

Q: How to know about the songs and artists?

A: When the game is over, there is a link that leads you to the full song in the top-right corner. You can click to listen more or learn more about the artist. Similar songs or songs of the same genre will be suggested.

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