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Adele Heardle

Immerse yourself in Adele's soul-stirring melodies with Adele Heardle, a game that brilliantly combines puzzles and music worlds. You will not miss it. Play and join the music world now!!!

What is Adele Heardle?

Adele Heardle takes the classic Heardle format and infuses it with the melodic brilliance of Adele's music. This is a puzzle game designed for fans who want to test their knowledge of Adele's discography while enjoying the thrill of solving music puzzles.

How to play Adele Heardle

When you start a new playthrough of Adele Heardle, you'll see a piece of music waiting for you to explore.

Press the play button and feel each random melody play, Adele Heardle plays a snippet of one of Adele's famous songs. Use your Adele expertise to make a prediction and fill in your prediction in the table. Enter the song name in the indicated space based on the music suggestions provided.

Adele Heardle provides instant responses to your predictions, showing the letters and their correct positions as well as incorrect guesses.

Why should you play Adele Heardle?

  • Celebrating Adele's Music: Adele Heardle is a tribute to Adele's unparalleled musical talent. It gives fans an interactive way to interact with her songs and discover new favorites.
  • Test your Adele knowledge: Do you think you know Adele's discography well? Test your knowledge with Adele Heardle.
  • Accessible and engaging: The game's format is accessible to players of all ages and levels of expertise. Whether you're a casual listener or a die-hard Adele fan, you'll find Adele Heardle engaging and entertaining.

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