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If you are passionate about Pokemon characters, join this exciting journey into the world of pocket monsters combined with strategy and puzzles. The game takes the strategy of Sudoku and adds the fun of Pokémon. 

What’s PokeDoku

PokeDoku isn't like other puzzle games. Strategy, reasoning, and Pokémon knowledge all come together in a unique way. You will find an exciting task that makes this world stand out from the others as you get lost in it.

How to Play Pokedoku

PokeDoku's rules are very easy to understand and fun to play. You need to put the right Pokémon in all nine of the boxes. With 9 guesses, you have to be very careful about which one you pick.

What makes PokeDoku fun?

  • Logic and strategy: PokeDoku is great for people who like both brain teasers and planned games.
  • There are only nine chances to get it right, so each move is important. The game is more fun and challenging because you can only make so many guesses.

Pokémon Knowledge: PokeDoku wants you to test how much you know about Pokémon, no matter how experienced you are with the game. You will need to know a lot about your favorite pocket monsters in order to do well.

Daily Challenge: PokeDoku adds a new game every day, so every time you play, you can find something new and hard.

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