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Taylor Swift Heardle

Taylor Swift Heardle is a music puzzle game for Swifties. The game lets you join the Heardle challenge, but only with Taylor Swift's song. If you are a fan of Taylor Swift, this will definitely be the game for you. Listen and guess which song it is from this female singer. You have up to six attempts, so try to find the answer as soon as possible.

The Taylor Swift Heardle game delivers an entertaining experience for all fans. Let's put on your headphones, tap to the beat, and conquer the music world.

How to Play Taylor Swift Heardle

If you are still stuck in this game, read on the following guides for how to play the Taylor Swift Heardle game. 

  1. Click Play to start playing Taylor Swift Heardle. 
  2. Listen carefully to a short clip of a song.
  3. Try to guess which song it belongs to.
  4. Enter your guess in the box at the bottom.
  5. Click Submit to send your answer.

If you see a green tick, your answer is correct.

If you see a red X, your answer is incorrect. 

  1. Try to find the answer with as few tries as possible.

You fail if you use all 6 tries but still not solve the puzzle. 

Good luck! If you are a musical genius, try to play the Heardle 90s game

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