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Heardle 90s

Heardle 90s is a great alternative game for people who are fans of Heardle but whose forte is 90s music. It is a chance to test your memory by guessing a song title after listening to a part of it. You have to find out the song within six attempts and no more. Heardle 90s is only around songs of the 90s but still comes in many different genres. So, it is not an easy task.  

How to Play Heardle 90s

Do you know how to play the Heardle 90s? Follow the below steps to play the game.

  • Click on the play button to start the game. 
  • Listen to a short clip of a 90s song. 
  • Enter your answer and click on the song title that you think matches the clip. 

A green check mark will be shown for a correct answer.

A red X will be shown for an incorrect answer.

  • Do the same steps if you didn't get the answer on your previous attempt.
  • Try to find the song title within six tries.

The game ends once you solve the hidden song or use up the allowed attempts but do not find the answer. Good luck! If you are a musical genius, try to play the Kpop Musicle game.

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