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Rock Heardle

Rock Heardle is a song guessing game developed based on the famous music game Heardle. This is a version designed specifically for players who love rock music.

In detail, you will listen to a part of a song and guess which song it is. All players will solve the same puzzle per day and each one has six tries. If you can't find the answer within six tries, the song title will be revealed at the end.

How to play Rock Heardle

In order to understand the gameplay of Rock Heardle, let’s check out the following guides and simple steps:

  • Start the game by clicking to listen to the music.
  • Strive to find something special in the track or guess what instrument it's played with.
  • Try to guess which song comes with that tune.
  • Type your guess in the box at the bottom and choose from the list of songs with matching words.
  • Go on until you find the final answer. 

If your guess is the correct answer, you will see a green tick.

If your guess is the incorrect answer, you will see a red X.

If you use all six allowed attempts without finding the song, the game is over. If you are a musical genius, try to play the Taylor Swift Heardle game

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