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Are you looking for a fun and engaging way to brighten your day while potentially finding your new furry friend? Look no further than Adoptle, the word guessing game that introduces you to adorable adoptable pets!

What is an Adopted game?

Adoptle takes Wordle's beloved gameplay mechanics and adds a fun twist by featuring adopted pets as the stars of the game. Each day, players will be introduced to a new furry friend in need of a loving home. Your task is to guess the pet's name with at least six tries.

How to play Adoptle: 

Guess the pet name:

When you start playing Adoptle, you'll be greeted with an adorable image of an adopted pet along with a series of blank spaces representing its name. Using the letters provided, guess the pet's name letter by letter. You have six chances to get it right, so choose your letters wisely!

Get feedback:

After each guess, Adoptle will provide feedback to help you narrow down the correct name. Letters with the pet's name in the wrong position will be highlighted in yellow, while letters with the correct position will be highlighted in green. Use this feedback to refine your predictions and solve the puzzle.

Find your perfect pet:

When you play Adoptle every day, you will get acquainted with a variety of adorable pets from shelters and rescue organizations. Whether you're a dog lover, a cat lover, or love other furry friends, there's always a pet waiting to be discovered. Who knows? You may find your new best friend!

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