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Unlike other Wordle clones, which merely give players a pass or fail grade, Adverswordle awards bonus points based on how long it takes the AI to guess each player's word. Five-letter word prediction aided by machine learning.

What's Adverswordle?

Adverswordle is designed to add a layer of strategic gameplay to the word guessing experience. Unlike regular Wordle, where you race against the time, with Adverswordle you send your phrases to the AI and follow its suggestions. The game's AI is difficult to beat, adding a new layer of strategy to the action.

How to play Adverswordle

Adverswordle is a simple game to play. Make a word with five letters as a starting point. You're going to have to think of a word. Think of a word that is challenging to both guess and decipher.

Then the machine or AI will make a prediction, and you'll need to make a note of the letters it got right and whether or not they were in the right order. If the prediction and location are true, the light will turn green. There will be a yellow highlight on the term if you use it in the wrong context.

Observe the brain of AI

What makes Adverswordle unique is that you can watch the AI think in real time, which makes the game more than just guessing words; you have to figure out the AI's plan.

Strategy and wordplay

The game Adverswordle is a mix of tactics and wordplay. You need to know how AI works and use that knowledge to your advantage, not just guessing things at random. This one-of-a-kind mix of thinking and word guessing makes for a fun and thought-provoking game.

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