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Are you a shopaholic? Can you see and determine the price of that product accurately? Let APPARLE challenge your guessing ability. APPARLE, is an interactive and educational price guessing game that will challenge your strategic thinking and deductive reasoning.

What is APPARLE?

APPARLE is a price guessing game with random and diverse challenges. The game presents players with a series of products and requires them to guess the correct price within six tries. The answer will be within 10% difference compared to the actual price.

How to play APPARLE

The main goal of APPARLE is to guess the product price within six tries to win. Each guess brings you closer to finding the true price. To ensure victory, the player must have an answer within 10% of the actual price. The game will have feedback to guide the player for the next guess.

Additionally, after each set of three guesses, APPARLE reveals product details that serve as hints, allowing players to revise their guesses based on that information.

Why do you have to play APPARLE?

  • Train your acumen: APPARLE offers an exciting opportunity for you to guess prices using your intuition. With a small amount of information, you will develop your sharp ability.
  • Challenge yourself: With only a 10% margin allowed, the game pushes you to think creatively and carefully to win.
  • Entertainment for shopping lovers: with diverse questions and products, APPARLE will keep you playing for hours with interesting discoveries. You can play alone or compete with friends. This entertainment brings a fresh take on the word-guessing genre with a combination of realistic, predictable images that will delight you.

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