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Enter a world of timeless tunes with Beadle, the ultimate game designed to test your knowledge of The Beatles' legendary discography.

What is Beadle?

Beadle is an engaging guessing game that immerses players in the brilliant music of The Beatles. The goal of the game is clear – guess the name of the Beatles song in just five tries. As you embark on this melodic journey, you'll be treated to catchy samples of classic Beatles music, challenging you to identify each track from its iconic excerpts.

How to Play Beadle:

  • Listen to the melody: Start your musical journey by immersing yourself in a short but captivating snippet of a Beatles song.
  • Guess the song: Armed with the audio cue, it's time to match the tune to the exact Beatles song. Choose from the list of song titles provided and guess. The challenge lies in determining the correct answer in the fewest possible number of tries.
  • Get feedback: After you guess, Beadle provides valuable feedback, guiding you on your musical journey. Learn from each try, hone your understanding of The Beatles' discography, and progress through the game.
  • Progress and challenge yourself: As you successfully identify Beatles songs, Beadle offers new challenges, demonstrating the depth and variety of the Beatles' musical catalog. Challenge themselves to improve their scores and show off their mastery of timeless tunes.

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