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Cinematrix is a daily challenge that tests your film knowledge in a way that is unique and engaging for film lovers. Players will have to use their observation and deduction skills to identify the movie based on intersecting clues.

What is Cinematrix?

Cinematrix is a daily trivia grid game that challenges players to identify movies by decoding intersecting clues in a grid.

You will see different termites with each net. Includes actors, directors, genres, plot keywords, release year, etc. The goal is to find movies that meet all of those criteria and complete the grid.

How to play Cinematrix

Each day, players explore a grid that provides sets of clues related to different movies. Observe every detail and analyze to identify movies that fit the criteria.

Use these valuable hints to narrow down your options. With each correct answer, you will gain points and get closer to completing the grid.

Why should you play Cinematrix?

  • Movie knowledge: Cinematrix offers a more fun and unique way than ever to test your knowledge of movies across a variety of genres, directors, actors, and more.
  • Train your thinking and observation: Cinematrix challenges players to think through every detail and analyze interwoven clues to uncover hidden movies. Train your deductive reasoning skills as you decode the puzzle and put the missing pieces together.
  • Daily Challenges: With new grids created daily, Cinematrix offers a new challenge every day. Challenge yourself by solving daily puzzles and competing with friends and fellow movie lovers to see who can get the highest score.

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