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Cloudle is a fun and different take on the usual online word puzzle style that makes it stand out. In this fun game, you have to figure out what the weather forecasts mean. This is a new way to test your predicting skills.

What’s Cloudle?

Cloudle has a prediction network, just like Wordle did before it. But this is where the weather changes the game. You won't have to make words out of random letters; instead, you'll have to use weather icons to guess what the weather will be like in different places over the next five days.

How to play Cloudle

In Cloudle, your job is to tell people what the weather will be like in different places. In a way similar to how Wordle works, you will get feedback on your guesses. Cloudle will keep track of your success if you correctly guess the weather for a certain day and place. During the game, if a sign is missing or shows up in the wrong place, it will inform you. This process is done five times, which makes for a fun and educational task. There are six chances in each Cloudle quiz to get the weather forecast for the place you choose right.

A wide variety of weather conditions

The unique thing about this game is how flexible it is. By making your own weather forecast for any place in the world, you can go on your own interesting weather adventure. The game has a lot of weather pictures, and each one shows a different type of weather. Weather-wise, Cloudle has it all: a sunny day, a foggy afternoon, rain, thunder, snow, or even hail.

Can you tell me what the weather will be like in five different cities over the next five days? Join it!!!

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