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Get ready to get immersed in the world of Cuberdle, a puzzle game that brilliantly mixes the hard parts of a Rubik's Cube with the fun parts of a word game.

What's Cuberdle?

Cuberdle is an experience game that pushes the limits of its genre and makes the most of its two worlds. The mix of Rubik's cubes, which are known for their complicated shapes and fun twisting tasks, and word guessing games, which test your vocabulary and ability to solve problems.

How to play Cuberdle Game

The task of Cuberdle is to figure out how to solve a virtual cube. The interesting thing is that your words control what you do. For every word you guess, you get one move on the imaginary block. To see how well you can guess words, your goal is to figure out the puzzle in as few moves as possible.

Tips and Tricks of Cuberdle

  • Learn the basics by getting ready with simple algorithms and techniques for solving cubes. Get used to moving the virtual cube by turning it over and over again.
  • You can take back the move that didn't work. So don't be afraid to mess up.

  • Carefully plan your moves to get the cube solved as quickly as possible.
  • Remember that moves that are next to each other but opposite (R and R') cancel each other out and won't help you find the answer.
  • In medium or hard mode, if you do the same move twice in a row, the game will join them. Like, F and F will both be counted as F2.

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