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Daily Waffle

In Daily Waffle, players are given a set of random letters that don't follow the alphabet. This means that a letter may show up more than once. Your job is to put the disconnected letters back together in a way that makes sense as a word.

What’s Daily Waffle?

Daily Waffle is the game takes ideas from the famous Wordle and adds a new twist. In Daily Waffle, your goal is to make six right words out of letters that are randomly placed on the board, like a delicious waffle, in no more than 15 moves.

How to play Daily Waffle

As you move the letters around on the board, their color will change to show you how close you are to finishing the waffle.

  • Green means this letter is in the right position.
  • Yellow means this letter is in the goal word, but it's in the wrong position. Try moving it around.
  • Gray means this letter isn't in the word. Get a new one.

Features of Daily Waffle

  • Random letters: Daily Waffle is different from other word games because it gives you a new random task every day. This randomness adds a bit of the unknown, which makes each task a different challenge.
  • Number of moves: You can only move letters 15 times to make acceptable five-letter words.
  • Limited word validation: Daily Waffle tells you right away if your word tries are correct. Words or letter places that aren't right are highlighted, which helps you improve your plan with each move.
  • Difficulty gradually increases: As you play the game, the problems get harder and harder, requiring you to use your wordplay and strategic thinking skills more and more.

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