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Datele challenges players to exploit their knowledge of past events by discovering the date of an important event from the previous year.

What's Datele?

Datele is a game that requires players to find dates within the past year. Unlike Wordle, where the goal is to guess a five-letter word, Datele asks you to identify a date on the calendar. This subtle yet intriguing difference adds a unique flavor to the gameplay.

Choose your topic

Another attractive feature of Datele is the variety it offers. Players can choose from four distinct themes to progress their challenge:

Fight: Guess the date of a notable fight or confrontation in the past year.

An event: celebrate someone's birthday or recall a special gathering that took place.

Video game or movie: release date

Release date: This category focuses on product, utility, or software releases.

Whether you're a history buff, a pop culture enthusiast, or a date decoder, Datele offers an engaging experience for every type of player.

How to play Datele

With six tries, you have three chances to guess. You can choose four themes to play with: wars, people, movies, and games. Each time you predict, the color of the box will change, so you can know its accuracy.

- Green: correct prediction

- Yellow: correct prediction, wrong location

- Gray's wrong prediction

Choose your favorite theme and start the game now!

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