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F1 Wordle

F1 Wordle will take you on an exciting trip through the world of words. It is a game that combines the fun of guessing words with the world of Formula 1 racing. 

What’s F1 Wordle?

 F1 Wordle is a game where you have 10 chances to guess the name of the hidden Formula 1 driver. Each guess should be a word with the number of letters that were chosen.

How to play F1 Wordle

  • In this fun game, you have to guess the name of a Formula 1 driver before you run out of guesses.
  • With each guess, the game tells you if the letter you chose is in the driver's name and gives you hints about where it is.
  • Each wrong guess brings down the number of chances left.
  • Press the Enter button on the virtual computer after you type the word. Now, pay attention to the color used to highlight the letters.

  - Gray: The letter isn't in the name of the driver who is hiding.

  - Yellow: The letter is still in the name of the hidden driver, even though it's in a different place.

 - Green: The letter is in the name of the secret driver and is in the right place.


  • Strategic Guessing: Strategic guessing determines "F1 Wordle" success. As you discover additional driver letters, you'll need to critically evaluate Formula 1 history, drivers, and names. The game rewards motorsport and language skills.
  • Variety, Challenge: The game commonly involves Formula 1 legends and current talents. This diversification assures players meet several names and problems.
  • Competition and Comparison: Competition is common in "F1 Wordle". You can compare your driver name decoding skills with friends and Formula 1 fans. Try to top the leaderboard and show your skills.

 Let's dive into the exciting world of F1 Wordle.

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