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Can you guess the titles of the movies through their short clips? Experience different movies with the Filmdle game, letting you enter a diverse world of cinema.

What is Filmdle?

Filmdle is a fun word-guessing game that tests your film knowledge. With six tries you will experience thousands of the best movies of all time in the movie library, titles spanning many genres, eras, and cultures.

How to play Filmdle

Each round of Filmdle gives players a hint of a word related to the movie to guess. Using the letters and hints provided, the player must decode the word within six tries.

With a rich and diverse collection of movies for you to explore, Filmdle offers the opportunity to explore different film genres and cultures.

Why do you have to play Filmdle?

  • Cinema memories: Filmdle offers the opportunity to help you experience a variety of film genres.
  • Test your movie knowledge: Test your movie knowledge and see how many movie-related words you can guess correctly.
  • Nostalgia and fun: With a curated movie library and simple gameplay, Filmdle promises to bring hours of nostalgia and entertainment to players of all ages.

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