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Embark on a global adventure, Test your geography skills with Flagle. Embark on a global adventure, Test your geography skills with Flagle. Using your judgment and memory skills, can you guess the flag that appears? Play it now.

What's Flagle Game?

Prepare for a thrilling journey around the world as Flagle challenges your knowledge of flags from every corner of the world. This engaging game combines fun and learning, giving players the opportunity to demonstrate their geographical expertise.

How to play Flagle:

Flagle's mission is to guess the flag! The flag of a random country will be displayed and it is your responsibility to determine which country it represents. Let's test your flag recognition skills.

You have six tries, each wrong guess will reveal part of the hidden flag, giving you valuable visual clues. Can you match the flags before your chance runs out?

Why Flagle is so an interesting game?

  • Flag recognition challenge: Train your brain and improve your memory when participating in the flag recognition challenge. From iconic designs to unique symbols, every flag has a story to tell. Create excitement so you can learn and easily remember them.
  • Intuitive and educational: Geography Hints: Flagle goes beyond guessing the flag by providing geographical hints. With each try, you will receive clues about the location of the target country. These hints add an educational element to the game, making it entertaining and informative.
  • Global Adventure: Travel the world from the comfort of your device! Flagle takes you on a global adventure, introducing you to diverse and fascinating flags representing far-flung countries.

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