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If you are a movie lover and passionate about the magic of cinema, Framed is the puzzle game you have been waiting for. Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of movies as you embark on a journey to guess the movie from carefully selected frames.

What is Framed?

Framed is a puzzle game designed specifically for people with a deep love for movies. It offers players a unique challenge – guessing the movie from a series of frames extracted directly from it. Each frame acts as a cinematic puzzle piece and your task is to piece them together to reveal the title of the movie. With a series of iconic frames to decipher, Framed is a delightful tribute to the world of cinema.

How to play Framed

  • Guess the movie: Your main goal in Framed is to guess the movie depicted in the frame. Each set of frames represents a different movie, and it's up to you to determine the title. Test your film knowledge and show off your expertise.
  • Multiple tries: Can't crack the code on the first try? Do not be afraid! In Framed, you have many chances to guess the movie. With each try, new frames will be presented, providing fresh perspectives and clues to help you solve the cinematic puzzle.
  • Ignore or send: You have the option to skip this round. Just leave the field blank and click "Submit" to move on to the next challenge. This feature ensures that you can explore a variety of movies, even if a particular movie proves elusive.
  • Daily movie watching challenge: The cinematic journey in Framed evolves every day. With a new movie challenge available every day, you can look forward to a new set of frames, each presenting a different movie to unravel. Keep your movie-loving spirit alive with daily cinematic fun.

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