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Hollywood Stardle

Hollywood Stardle is a game similar to the popular word game called Wordle. However, it has been modified to focus on guessing a challenge involving celebrity words.


In Hollywood, every day brings a new opportunity to practice as well as discover something new. It's simple but fun: you are given clues that suggest the last name of a famous person in the film, television, or music industries. Armed with these hints, you have six attempts to reveal the star's identity.


You can look like an expert by carefully analyzing each clue and its references. It's a thrilling race against your own time and reasoning skills as you put the pieces together and try to name the unpredictable star.

Serving passion:

Whether you are a lover of movies, music, or TV series, Hollywood is always filled with celebrities from many different fields of entertainment. This means that every player has the opportunity to showcase their expertise and discover new names to add to their celebrity portfolio.

Join and enhance:

More than just a casual game, Hollywood Stardle encourages engagement and raises awareness. This is an opportunity not only to challenge yourself but also to learn more about the iconic characters who have left an indelible mark on the entertainment industry.

Get ready to immerse yourself in the whirlpool of fame, film, television, and music as you embark on a journey to define them as the biggest stars in the entertainment industry. If you like games similar to Hollywood Stardle then try to play the Songless game!

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