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Get ready for a daily journey of words and wits with Hurdle, a fun puzzle that tests your ability to find a secret five-letter word.

What is Hurdles?

Hurdles are more than just a puzzle; It's a daily adventure that challenges players to use their wits in pursuit of discovering a hidden five-letter word.  Hurdle makes the puzzles challenging and exciting by adding a new twist to each one.

How to play Hurdle: 

- Daily Challenge: Every day, Hurdle presents a new puzzle, each with a secret five-letter word waiting to be revealed. The challenge will increase as you progress, with added levels of complexity in each puzzle.

- Guessing Game: You have six chances to figure out the secret word in the first four problems of the Guessing Game. The game provides feedback through color-coded letters: green means the correct letter in the correct position, yellow for the correct letter in the wrong position, and gray for letters that are not in words.

- Strategy evolution: The correct answer from each puzzle becomes your first guess in the next puzzle. This new strategic development makes the game more difficult and forces players to build on their past wins.

- Final Puzzle: In the final puzzle, the stakes are raised. The previous four words serve as your first four guesses. To finish the Hurdle puzzle, you only have two chances to figure out and reveal the last secret word.

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