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Kids Lingo

Are you ready to start an adventure in language that will both teach you and have fun? Kids Lingo is a fun way to improve your language skills and play the word game.

What's Kids Lingo?

Word games like Wordle were the inspiration for the online game Kids Lingo. The player has to put the letters together to figure out what the word is. The rules are easy to understand and fun to play with, so people of all ages can enjoy it, Especially in helping children recognize words.

How to play Kids Lingo

You can pick from two levels with five or six words. You have to figure out what the secret word is by putting together a string of letters based on the first letter.

The game will tell you something useful after each guess. It means you chose the right letter but put it in the wrong place because it turned yellow when it was part of the goal word. When you guess a letter that isn't in the word, it doesn't change. You've won and can move on to the next word task when everything turns green.


You only get a certain number of chances to guess the goal word, just like in Wordle. The game is over if you can't find the word in these tries.

  • Educational: There's more to Kids Lingo than just games. It can help you get better at English. It tests your knowledge and your ability to guess words.
  • For everyone: Kids Lingo is fun and useful for everyone, from kids who want to improve their language skills to adults who want to pass the time.
  • Learning a Language: The game encourages learning a language and helps players get better at English.

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