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Kilordle is a word game that takes the essence of Wordle to the next level. Instead of participating in a single word guessing puzzle, players can immerse themselves in countless word games at once. Each guess is rated independently for each game, providing a dynamic and varied experience. Unlike Wordle, where a single correct guess ends the game, Kilordle encourages players to guess as many words as possible.

How to play Kilordle

Kilordle's goal is to guess 1000 different words. The challenge lies not only in the quantity but also in the variety of words that need to be decoded. The game imposes no limit on the number of attempts, allowing players the freedom to speculate endlessly. A true test of skill and perseverance, Kilordle is a haven for word game enthusiasts looking for a great linguistic challenge.

Unleash your vocabulary:

Let your vocabulary abilities shine as you embark on the task of guessing 1000 different words. The game becomes a true testament to your language skills and knowledge.

Challenge accepted:

Kilordle's difficulty level is not for the faint of heart. As someone looking for a real challenge, you will find solace in the game's complex puzzles and the difficult task of guessing a series of words.

Number of hidden words:

Pay attention to the top right corner of your screen, where the game will display the number of words that have not been guessed. This constant reminder will add an element of anticipation and excitement to your Kilordle journey.

You can prove your language with the Correct Word game. 

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