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If you're a music enthusiast and puzzle enthusiast, Lyricle promises a unique and engaging experience that combines the thrill of music discovery with the excitement of a guessing game.

What is the Lyricle?

Lyricle stands out as a music-themed game inspired by the famous Wordle puzzle format. However, instead of guessing a word, players embark on a daily journey to guess another song.

How to play Lyricle

Listen to the song's introduction: When starting the game, the player presses play to hear the featured song's intro. Players listen to the song's intro and try to identify the artist or title within six tries. With its music-centric approach and social shareability, Lyricle brings a fresh twist to the puzzle genre.

Why you must play Lyricle?

  • Explore music: Lyricle provides a platform for music discovery, giving players access to a diverse range of songs and genres. Every day brings a new musical challenge, providing an opportunity to explore and appreciate different aspects of the world of music.
  • Attractive puzzle format: The game's format, inspired by the beloved Wordle puzzle, is both engaging and accessible. Focusing on musical introductions, Lyricle seamlessly combines the fun of deciphering tunes with the thrill of solving puzzles.
  • Fun social sharing: Including social sharing adds a fun and interactive element to Lyricle. Players can show off their puzzle-solving abilities to friends, fostering a sense of community among music enthusiasts.
  • Perfect for everyday entertainment: Lyricle's once-a-day game structure makes it ideal for those looking for quick and fun daily entertainment. Whether you're resting or relaxing during the day, Lyricle delivers a dose of musical entertainment.

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