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Mahjong Handle

Online word games are always changing, and Mahjong Handle is the newest game that looks like it will be fun for word game fans in a whole new way. 

What’s Mahjong Handle? 

Mahjong Handle is a puzzle game that adds a new twist by using 34 mahjong tiles instead of English words and the Roman alphabet. There is a new question every day in this fun version of the classic Chinese game Mahjong, and players have six moves to solve the puzzle.

How to play Mahjong Handle

Mahjong Handle is based on the popular Wordle game, but it has its own unique twist. This game is a new and difficult word puzzle because it doesn't use letters or words but 34 mahjong tiles instead. The goal is to figure out the right way to order the day's Mahjong hand in six tries. The player has to put 14 Mahjong pieces in the right places in order to solve this game. Players have six tries or less to get the order of the day's mahjong game right.

You get feedback on every prediction you make, which helps you improve your approach.

  • If a cell is green, it means it is not only in the right place but also in the right position. 
  • If a cell is yellow, it means it is correct but in the wrong place.
  • If a cell is gray, it means that they are not part of the answer.


Tough challenge: Moving bricks around, which seems like an easy task, turns into a tough puzzle that needs both logic and reasoning skills.

Attractive combination: Traditional Mahjong tiles and this new, innovative puzzle style make for a good combination that draws in players who like both mahjong and word games.

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