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Paldoku challenges players to align their pieces on a Sudoku-inspired grid, positioning them strategically to form winning patterns while outmaneuvering their opponents.

What is Paldoku?

Paldoku is an attractive board game, the perfect combination of Parcheesi and Sudoku. The game challenges your every move, challenging your opponents while arranging your pieces.

How to play Paldoku

Start by setting up the game board, which has a grid layout similar to Sudoku.

Each player will choose a set of chess pieces, which will be displayed with different colored codes.

Players take turns rolling the dice to determine their moves. The goal is to place your pieces on the board to create winning patterns, similar to completing a Sudoku puzzle.

Why must you play Paldoku?

  • Compelling gameplay: Paldoku offers a dynamic and engaging gaming experience that challenges players to victory, with a combination of strategy and puzzle-solving fun for Sudoku lovers.
  • Brain-boosting fun: Train your mind and sharpen your cognitive skills with Paldoku. The game challenges players to think logically, analyze positions on the board, and make the right decisions, providing a fun and stimulating mental workout.
  • Endless replayability: With ever-changing board configurations, you can freely get creative and challenge yourself with this game.

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