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Phone Numble

Phone Numble is a game where you have to get rid of all the possible combinations to find a secret phone number.

What’s Phone Numble? 

In Phone Numble, a 10-digit phone number is hidden and you have to find it based on color hints.

How to play Phone Numble

Each player has 8 chances to guess the right phone number series. Guess the answers and write them in the grid cells. The cells will be a different color after each guess:

- The gray color means there are no numbers that don't match.

- The yellow means that number is present but in a different position. 

- The green means  the correct answer

In addition, numbers may appear multiple times in a series of answers. Shown in either green or yellow.

Process of eliminating and analyzing feedback:

You will guess a number over and over again and get feedback on whether the digits you picked are part of the secret number. Through this process of elimination, the secret slowly comes to light, and you get closer to cracking the code. The comments we get will help us narrow down the options for each number. Pay close attention to the green boxes; they are in the right place.

Intellectual challenge:

The game shows how powerful logic and thinking can be. With each guess, you'll look at the comments, improve your plan, and make decisions that are smarter and smarter. The thrill of getting rid of someone is a prize in and of itself.

Competition and innovation:

You can play against friends or against yourself to get better. This game pays you for sticking with it and challenges you to think of new ways to solve problems.

Now is the time to solve the puzzle of numbers and see how good your thinking skills are.

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