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Welcome to the world of Scholardle, an intellectually stimulating take on the classic Wordle game designed for those with a penchant for academic language.

What is Scholardle Game?

Scholardle, a clever play on the words "scholar" and "Wordle", introduces a fresh academic twist to the popular word-guessing game. In this version, players are challenged to decipher academic terms or character names, adding an extra layer of intelligence to the classic gameplay. With six attempts per day, Scholardle invites players to demonstrate their learning prowess in a visually engaging and stimulating environment.

How to play Scholardle:

  • Academic Word Challenge: Prepare yourself for a brain workout as you embark on the challenge of guessing academic words. Your goal is to correctly guess an academic term or five-letter character name.
  • Six attempts daily: Every day, you have six attempts to crack the academic code. Make strategic predictions and use your language skills to narrow down the possibilities.
  • Colorful feedback system: When you submit your prediction, the game will provide valuable feedback through a color-coded system. The green column represents an exact match, while the yellow column represents a partial match. Gray letters indicate that the guessed letter is not part of the academic term.
  • Image Reveal: After successfully solving a complex puzzle, players will be rewarded with a photo revealing the academic term. Enjoy the satisfaction of unraveling the mystery and expanding your academic vocabulary.
  • Continuous challenge: The academic word adventure never ends – Scholardle offers endless challenges, allowing players to test their academic word-solving skills regularly.

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