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For Pokémon fans who also like word games, this game tests how much you know about Pokémon! Sqwordle is a fun and collaborative word game based on Generation 1, which is one of the most famous generations of Pokémon.

What’s Sqwordle?

Sqwordle isn't like other word games; it's a fun mix of word puzzles and Pokémon stories. In this game, you have six chances to find a secret Gen 1 Pokémon and figure out what it is. Your best weapon will be how well you know Pokémon.

How to play Sqwordle

The task is clear: in six tries, you must guess the Gen 1 mystery Pokémon. Don't be fooled by how easy it sounds. With hundreds of Generation 1 Pokémon to pick from, this is a test of how well you can remember Pokémon names and guess words.

Clues and responses

The input you get after each guess is what makes Sqwordle so fun. You will not be left in the dark. Instead, you will get useful information and hints that will help you reach your goal. Pay close attention to the answer; it could help you figure out who the mystery Pokémon is.

A world of Pokémon excitement

Sqwordle mixes the nostalgia of Generation 1 Pokémon with the excitement of a word game to make a fun game that both experienced and new Pokémon fans will enjoy. Now is your chance to see how much you know, how good your memory is, and to start a Pokémon trip that is both fun and hard.

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