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The Password Game

The Password Game is a fun and interesting online game that puts players in the role of security individuals or people who want to figure out how to make strong passwords. 

What’s The Password Game?

The Password game is a game where the goal is to come up with a password that meets a certain set of rules and gets more complicated as the game goes on.

How to Play the Password Game

  • Create a password: The first thing the player does is type the chosen password into the data entry box. This first step is a simulation of how to set up an online account or change a password.
  • Rules task: The main task of the game is coming up with passwords that meet a set of rules and criteria. These rules are meant to be like real-world password policies in terms of how complicated they are and how much protection they require.
  • Complexity rules:: As the game goes on, the rules for what passwords can be used become more complicated. Some of these rules could be that the password has to be a certain length, contain uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters, and not be made up of popular words or patterns.
  • Feedback system: The game lets you know right away if the password follows certain rules. Players can check to see if their password meets the rules or if it needs to be changed. Follow the 35 rules.

Cybersecurity Awareness: 

The game makes players think about best practices for cybersecurity, like how to handle passwords, and shows the risks of having weak or easy-to-guess passwords. You can learn the rules for making passwords that are unique, safe, and secure.

Let's look into how you make passwords and the world of network protection!!!

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