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The Wikipedia Game

Wikipedia is so familiar to everyone. So what would it be like to know it in online games - The Wikipedia Game? In the vast landscape of online gaming, the Wikipedia Game stands out as an engaging and educational experience that not only entertains but also enhances important 21st-century skills.

What is The Wikipedia Game?

The Wikipedia Game is an innovative online game that leverages Wikipedia's deep knowledge base to create an engaging and intellectually stimulating experience.

Unlike traditional games, the Wikipedia Game encourages players to explore a vast interconnected network of information by navigating from one Wikipedia page to another. The goal is to connect unrelated topics using hyperlinks in the article.

How to play The Wikipedia Game

  • Starting point: Start the game with a randomly selected initial Wikipedia page. This serves as your starting point for the journey.
  • Destination: Your goal is to reach a specific landing page using only the hyperlinks in the article. The landing page is predetermined or selected according to the game's parameters.
  • Navigation: As you read through the start page's content, click on hyperlinks that you believe will get you closer to your destination. Each click takes you to a new Wikipedia page.
  • Strategy: Plan your moves strategically, considering the content and context of each page you visit. The challenge lies in connecting seemingly unrelated topics in the most effective way.
  • Progress to Success: Successfully reaching a landing page with the fewest number of clicks or in the shortest time possible indicates victory.

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