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Compete online with other players in a word game. WeWordle is an engaging and unique word game that involves cooperation and challenges your word guessing skills side-by-side with your opponents.

What is Wewordle game?

Everyone in WeWordle plays on the same board and takes turns typing words to find the secret word, just like in chess.

How to play Wewordle game

You and your opponent play WeWordle on the same board, which makes it feel like you're finding the secret word together. WeWordle encourages people to work together, unlike competitive word games where the goal is to beat your opponent. Your task is easy but difficult: use some smart guesses to find the secret word.

The player to go first is chosen at random. "Enter text" will appear when it's your turn. During your turn, you must enter any 5-letter word available and press Enter. After entering text, the text will change color, use this color as a hint.

If the letter is blue, it means that the hidden word has that letter and is in a similar position.
The yellow letter means it's part of the secret word, but it's in a different position (possibly more than once).
If a word is gray it means it is not in the secret word.
Each move in the game has a 15-second timer. At this point, not being able to type will mean you lose.


- Exciting combinations: You can play again and again with random opponents. Or you can send it to your friends and relatives to play with.

- Work together instead of competing: WeWordle stands out as a new type of game in a world full of competitive games. You cannot guess words with WeWordle; it is also about drawing conclusions and decoding secret words. You can use the information given to you on your next turn to narrow down your options when you both have a chance of solving the puzzle. Finding the right answer together in this way can be fun and helpful.

- Brain games: WeWordle is a new way to play word games. It not only tests your knowledge but also makes you think and reason more.

This game is a fun way to exercise your mind because it helps you think critically, draw conclusions, and connect words. Let's play now!!!

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