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Basketball is a fun game that combines sports knowledge with word games that NBA fans and word game fans can't wait to find out about.

What’s Basketle?

Basketle is a perfect game for basketball fans who love word puzzles.

How to play Basketle

Basketle is a lot like the original Wordle in that you only get six chances to find the secret words. Basketle is different, though, because every word you guess has something to do with basketball players and the NBA.

With each try, you learn more about the word, and the colored boxes show you how close you are to getting it right.


  • Word Association: In most Wordle games, you have to guess a random word. But in Basketle, you're really in the world of basketball. The things you have to guess will be about the sport, its terms, and the names of NBA players.
  • Levels of difficulty: Basketle has a range of challenges, from easy words to NBA-related terms that are harder to understand. As you play, the game will get harder, which will test how much you know about hoops.
  • Quick entertainment: Basketle is great for short game sessions during breaks or free time, and it's fun to play.
  • Community and Competition: Join the Basketle community of NBA fans and fight for the highest score. You can also challenge your friends to see who can decode the most basketball-related words in the fewest number of tries.

Play now to join and explore the NBA world.

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