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Guess the secret birthday with the Birthdayle game. Get ready for a fun trip through the world of numbers, times, and a little mystery.

What’s Birthdayle?

 This fun game is similar to Wordle, but it has an interesting twist: instead of picking a five-letter word, you'll use the formula MMDDYY (month, day, year) or MM-DD-YY to guess someone's birthday.

How to play Birthdayle

You can guess any set of numbers, and the boxes will change color to show what you got right:

  • When the box turns green, it means that the date you chose is right.
  • The box goes yellow, which means the date is part of the birthday but is not in the right position.
  • If the box is still gray, your prediction is not right.

Not any popular words:

The idea for Birthdayle came from the famous game Wordle, but it has gone its own way by replacing words with dates. The goal is still to break the code in a certain number of tries, but the way to get there is very different.


Focus on specifics:

As you might expect, the boxes in Birthdayle change color to show you how close you are to solving the puzzle. Every time you make a guess, you have something new that helps you choose among the options and get closer to the correct answer. 

Test your mind:

Birthdays make you use your thinking, reasoning, and problem-solving skills in new ways. With each guess, you'll need to look at the feedback and make your plan better.

Share joy every day:

There will be ten chances each day for you to guess your birthday at random. Every day, you can see how much you know about logic. Friends and family can join in the fun, or you can see who can figure out the puzzle of the first birthday first.

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