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Flappy Birdle

Dive into the unique world of cross-play games with Flappy Birdle, a perfect blend inspired by two beloved classics - Flappy Bird and the word game Wordle.

What is Flappy Birdle?

Flappy Birdle is an exciting combination of Flappy Bird and Wordle, combining the challenge of guessing words with the endless flying excitement of controlling a bird over obstacles. This innovative combination allows players to simultaneously guess a word and control the bird through obstacles, creating a uniquely entertaining gaming experience.

How to play Flappy Birdle

  • Word Guessing Challenge: At the start of the game, you will be given a 5x6 board and your task is to guess a five-letter word in six tries. Each time you guess correctly you will get +20 points. What makes Flappy Birdle different is that errors and typos are accepted in this word-guessing game.
  • Simultaneous flight control: When participating in the word guessing challenge, you will also control Flappy Bird to move through obstacles. Your goal is to think quickly before entering words, maintaining the right speed for the bird to overcome obstacles. The bird's flight is directly affected by the accuracy and speed of your word input.
  • Cell color indicator: As you type a word, the cell color changes, indicating the precision of the word. This dual-task challenge requires quick thinking, accuracy in word guessing, and precise control of the Flappy Bird to successfully overcome obstacles.
  • Game Modes: Flappy Birdle offers different game modes to accommodate different skill levels. Choose from Easy mode, where birds will not collide with pipes, unlimited attempts, and reduced gravity. This mode provides a more comfortable and accessible gaming experience.

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