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Enjoy word puzzle adventure to expand your vocabulary and challenge your mind with Plusword.

What’s Plusword?

Plusword is a word puzzle game with a grid that is similar to a crossword puzzle. But instead of putting letters in each box, your goal is to fill the whole grid with words. It's a new take on classic crossword problems that make for a fun and interesting experience.

Two modes to choose from Plusword:

Plusword has a wide range of levels of difficulty and effort. In challenge mode, players only get one chance to finish a task. This adds a sense of urgency and suspense. Can you take a chance and fill in the whole grid on your first try?

For those who like to take things more slowly, "infinite mode" lets you play as many times as you want. This mode lets you practice your skills, try out different ways to put words together, and slowly solve the problem at your own pace.

Expand vocabulary:

One of the best things about Plusword is that it can help you learn new words. You may come across words you haven't used before. This will help you learn new words and improve your word-finding skills. To beat keywords, you'll need a plan that takes into account the length of words and how they fit together.

Daily challenges:

There's always a new puzzle to solve on Plusword. Whether you're doing the daily tasks or playing in "infinite mode," the game keeps giving you hard puzzles to keep you interested and coming back for more.

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