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For people who like Wordle, it's time to move up to QWRTL and try to guess the words. With word lengths from 4 to 11 letters and fun gameplay that leaves out the letter E.

What's QWRTL?

Wordle inspired this QWRTL game and has extra features that make it more fun. The goal of this game is for the player to guess the coded word within six tries correctly.

How to play QWRTL

You can pick the amount of difficulty you want to play at. If you want to make the game harder, you can move the slider on the board to choose from 4 to 11 letters to play. 

It's like the regular word game Wordle in that players have to guess what the secret words are. After making a guess, type in the words. The answers will be shown by the color of the puzzle, and you'll be given hints on what the next words will be.

  • The word yellow is there, but it's in the wrong position.
  • The word in green is correct.
  • The color gray means that the letter doesn't belong in the word and should be removed.

One thing that is different is that the letter E is not in the table in this form.

Features of QWRTL game

  • Word lengths are different: The range of word lengths in QWRTL is one of its best features. You can test your skills with short words with only 4 letters, or you can try to guess a word with up to 11 letters. With so many options, the game can be played by people of all skill levels, from those who are just starting out to those who are pros at picking words.
  • There is no letter E: The lack of the letter E is one of the things that makes the game fun. By removing the letter E, you have to think more critically and creatively to figure out the hidden words. This small change makes the game more difficult.

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