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Come into the world of Summle, an exciting math puzzle game that will keep your brain busy and help you get better at math.

What’s Summle

Summle isn't your average math game. It's a tough task that makes you think quickly, plan ahead, and do math in your head. Summle is a fun game, and every day we'll give players a new sum and set of numbers to use to figure out equations.

How to play Summle

Summle offers a unique and fun approach to math puzzles. Summle is not like other math exercises because it turns math ideas into fun games that test your skills while being fun and interactive.


It's easy to see what you need to do in Summle: use the cells at the bottom of the screen to figure out the sum and compare it to the number at the top. There is a catch, though: you have to finish this difficult task in exactly five steps. This needs both creativity and the ability to solve problems well.

Challenge for all ages

Summle doesn't care about your age or how good you are at math. Summle has a task for everyone, whether you're good at math or just like to put together puzzles. You can keep your mind sharp and have fun at the same time.

Daily puzzles

The new daily tasks are one of the coolest things about Summle. Summle makes sure you never run out of fun things to do because there is a new task for you every day. It's a great way to get your brain working and get better at handling problems.

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