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Tiki Taka Toe

Tiki Taka Toe combines soccer and strategy in an interesting way. Tiki Taka Toe updates crossover and nonsensical games with a playful twist.

What’s Tiki Taka Toe?

Tiki Taka Toe is a unique matching game, players answer football trivia questions on teams, players, leagues, and iconic moments. The correct answer lets the player strategically arrange X or O on the board to win in three lines. The perfect mix of entertainment, education, and competition.

How to play Tiki Taka Toe

Play Tiki Taka Toe on a 3x3 grid with nine squares for action. A soccer-inspired tic tac toe design. The objective of "Tiki Taka Toe" is the same as tic tac toe: Line up three markers horizontally, vertically, or diagonally.

Combination of football and puzzle

Players have several options to suit their preferences. Choose your league and then answer trivia questions that interest you. For individuals who want to experience top-flight European competition, European Championship quizzes showcase club football's international significance.

Choose a marker:

As in tic tac toe, participants play X and O. One player becomes X, the other O. These marks show the "player"'s moves. gland.

A player connects:

You have to name a football player with ties to both clubs or the club and country that goes with that square in order to put your point there. Now there's a fun football part to the game where your football knowledge comes in handy.

Strategy and Stealing: 

Each person can steal three times, which adds another level of strategy. This means you can take an opponent's tile if you can name another player who meets the requirements for that tile. You can benefit from this strategy and keep your opponents guessing.

This soccer-themed version of tic-tac-toe has you put on your virtual shoes, plan your moves, and try to get three in a row to win!

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