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Embark on a virtual journey across America with Wheredle, a fun guessing game that challenges your geography knowledge and observation skills. It is a suitable game for those passionate about geography and those who love to explore.

What is Wheredle?

Wheredle is an engaging guessing game that takes players to various locations across the United States. Your task is to decode the status of a particular location. Harness your powers of observation and geographical instincts as you discover clues about landmarks, clothing, climate, and other distinct features.

How to play Wheredle:

  • Location identification: Set your sights on the location shown and scrutinize every detail. From recognizable landmarks to climate clues, absorb your surroundings to make informed predictions about the state of the place.
  • The challenge with seven tries: You have seven tries to determine the status of a given location correctly. Each wrong guess will receive valuable hints, providing information about the distance and direction in your journey to finding the correct answer.
  • Observation skills: Sharpen your observation skills as you analyze the visual cues presented in each location. The game encourages players to pay attention to subtle details that can help them make more accurate judgments. Wheredle seamlessly combines education with entertainment.
  • Geographic intuition: Hone your geographical intuition and become adept at associating specific features with specific states. From regional landmarks to climate changes, Wheredle challenges players to trust their instincts and make educated guesses.

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